Who is Amos? He was a shepherd and farmer from Tekoa, Judah whom our God called to give warning to the people and leaders of Israel. It is unique, Amos is not a "professional" prophet nor a prophet’s son who made his living by making religious pronouncements. He was a farm laborer saying what he's been asked to say from the Lord. Why did Amos say he did not go to the School of the Prophets just for a livelihood? 

Because there are those who question him who are paid as prophets—making a living by prophesying. What’s his pronouncement regarding his authority? Amos said that God took him from caring for the flocks and commanded him to go and prophesy, proclaim the words of God to the Israelites and its leaders.

Do you know the basic error of the Israelites? The Israelites felt that because they were special, they were chosen by God—they could do whatever they want, whatever they please, thinking that they can get away with corruption and murder. They are very wrong in what they think, and because of God’s love and concern, He chose a shepherd and farmer to warn them against their wicked ways. What must we not forget? Let us always remember, Amos did not belong to the sacerdotal community, he was a simple guy from the province; comparing it in our time now, he is not a minister, priest, or pastor. He is a churchgoer from a distant province but God gave him a special and important responsibility. Amos did not overstate his duty—he just followed what God has told him to do. God has commanded Amos to do something. What did he do? He simply followed without fear or favour. 

Today, God is talking to us through His words found written in the Scriptures; His counsel and admonition to the Israelites before are also His counsel for us, now. We are certain in our hearts, we are the REMNANTS. Why are we certain? Because “all things continue the way they have been since the beginning. What has happened will happen again; there is nothing new here on earth.” History merely repeats itself, nothing is truly new, corruption done by wicked leaders and their wives before, they are happening again, right before our own eyes and before the eyes of the deceived. 

What’s the duty given by God to Amos which he bravely and courageously accepted? He must expose the cruelty, injustices, immorality, oppression, and corruption happening in the nation of God whom the high-ranking and influential leaders are doing. What lesson should we learn from Amos? There are three: God sent Amos 1) to denounce and expose the corruption being done by the Israelites starting with their leaders and their wives, 2) to warn them to repent because of God’s coming judgement, and 3) to give hope to the remnants of Joseph who did not participate in the corruption; they were told to do good and hate evil, to love charitable deeds and establish justice. Yes, the remnants stood for what is right; there were remnants before, there are also remnants today.

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